Find Your Perfect Electric Scooter
For Kids Adults Adults Adults
Price range 149.99 220-300 300-350 350-600
Age 4 to 14 years old 14 to 60 yeas old 14 to 60 yeas old 14 to 60 yeas old
Load 125LB load 265LB load 265LB load 330LB load
Model Q3 S3 X8Pro E9D E9T Thunder max2 T4
Price 149.99 229.99 289.99 339.99 359.99 569.99 619.99
Surface Smooth Surfaces Smooth Surfaces Smooth Surfaces Bumpy Surfaces Bumpy Surfaces Rough Surfaces Rough Surfaces
Feature Safety Lightweight Vibrant Color Classic E-Scooter Unique exterior More Powerful Motor Long Range
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